Peter Watson

Managing Director @ Distract

Peter Watson​ is Managing Director and co-Founder of D​istract,​ an innovative and award-winning marketing agency based in the Cathedral city of Lincoln in the East Midlands.

Most recently, Peter has been ​named as Young Entrepreneur of the Year.​

Distract was founded in 2015 while Peter and his business partner and Operations Director, Bradley McKenny were still in their second year of university, primarily as a social media agency.

Distract has since grown to a team of 17, serving more than 75 clients across the UK and beyond. The agency now offers paid search, paid social and digital PR services as well as an in-house creative team that encompasses web design and development.

Many entrepreneurs claim to be innovative and forward thinking, but few plough ahead as much as Distract. In a bold move in 2018, Peter took the unusual step of ​hiring a dedicated videographer​ to follow him throughout his working week to document his business journey. ​There are more than 100 episodes of the documentary ‘Inside The Journey’ available to watch on YouTube.